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Yuken America manufactures and distributes a wide range of surface treatment chemicals and surface treatment agents, though its primary product with Allegheny Coatings is a highly ductile zinc flake coating. Yuken is committed to the development of surface treatment technologies to maintain a green environment with a strong emphasis on reducing carbon emissions.

Yuken's YC-B17J base coat + YC-T top coat is rated up to 2,000 hours in salt spray per ASTM B117 and is also quite ductile for parts which require crimping after coating.

Yuken Coating Technologies


Yukens introductory coating system into the zinc-flake coating market, this series comprises Yuken's base coat and top coat chemistry, and can achieve 2,000 hours SST (JIS:Z-2371) when combined. High corrosion resistance, black top coats, and modified CoF coatings are all available. 

METASU Protrust A09

Protrust A09 is a water-based topcoat with no heavy metals like hexavalent chromium, and no rare earth elements. It also offers consistently high corrosion resistance and consistent coefficient of friction. 

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