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Headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan, Magni has been providing world-class corrosion protection chemistry to the marketplace since 1974. Magni research and development works closely with OEMs, suppliers, and applicators to engineer custom coating solutions using zinc flake technology which meet the most stringent performance and regulatory requirements.

Magni coating technologies are specified by most major automotive OEMs throughout agricultural, energy, construction, industrial, marine, and military industries. All of Magni's technologies are chrome-free.​

Magni Coating Technologies

100 Series - Brake system coatings

Seven different coating technologies make up Magni's rotor and caliper coating suite. These coatings are specifically engineered to resist corrosion, provide heat resistance, and reduce galling - providing specific formulations for brake drums and rotors. 

200 Series - Muffler, underbody and chassis coatings

Magni's 200 Series coatings are a robust group, combining corrosion resistance with durability. These coatings are developed to be applied over various metal substrates, and offer various properties in addition to corrosion resistance, like high heat durability, chip resistance, and e-coat priming. 

300 Series - Fuel Tank Coatings

Magni 336 is a highly conductive aluminum-rich coating specifically engineered for use on automotive fuel tanks, and provides high corrosion and chip resistance. 

500 Series - Fastener, clamp and stamping coatings 

Magni's most widely known and accepted coating systems reside within this series - most notably Magni 565, 575 and 501. Thirty-three total systems are classified within this series, boasting technologies for multiple substrates, functionalities, and different levels of corrosion resistance, ensuring a product exists for any job. 

600 Series - Fuel filler pipe coatings

Magni 659 is the only coating classified under the 600 series, and is engineered for fuel filler pipes plated with zinc-nickel. This coating was formulated to provide 15 years of field service and provides excellent corrosion protection. 

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