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All application processes for complete coverage

Allegheny Coatings is capable of providing all standard coating application processes, such as automated dip-spin and rack spray, while also providing customized minicoater dipspin, hand spray, and other processes at all of its facilities. The company continues to expand its repertoire of available coating processes to best service the changing needs of industry. Click on a process icon for more information.

Liquid Coating Application

Rack spray, dip spin, and mini-coater processes are primarily for applying wet, liquid paints, whether solvent or water based. Allegheny Coatings' licensed zinc-aluminum flake coatings, high-temperature resistant coatings, and dry film lubricants are typically applied using these processes depending on the parameters required by the specification.


Rack Spray

First-class aesthetics; best for larger or heavier parts


Small-mid size bulk processing options for fastener hardware and delicate components

Rack Dip-Spin

Small batch processing for complex geometry parts with critical aesthetic requirements.

Surface Preparation


Alkaline Cleaning

Removal of grease or oil prior to application of the finish


Media Blasting

Preconditioning to remove other coatings or surface imperfections prior to coating application


Part Sealing

Inorganic & organic sealing for the powder metal industry

Alkaline cleaning, media blasting, and part sealing are all preconditioning processes used to prepare the surface of the part prior to coating application. Alkaline cleaning is best for chemically degreasing or removing oils, while media blasting is best for physically removing prior coatings or surface imperfections. Part sealing is to fill porous powder metal parts prior to applying a surface coating.

Specialty Applications & Services



Electrolysis processing for tight specifications of zinc plating, zinc nickel, and other finishes


Hand Spray

Superb aesthetics; best for exceptionally large parts in

smaller quantities


Added Services

Custom packaging, light assembly, light inspection, and drop-ship capabilities available

Electroplating, hand spray, and added services are additional service offerings of Allegheny Coatings. Electroplating includes zinc plating, zinc nickel, zinc phosphating, manganese phosphating, and other related processes. Hand spraying is best for exceptionally large, low volume part configurations.

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