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Praxair Surface Technologies has spent more than 50 years developing coatings which address every day challenges. No matter the industry, application, or location, Praxair has, or will develop, a technology to suit new applications. 

Allegheny Coatings applies Praxair's SermaGard® and SermaLube® technologies, which are ceramic-metallic coatings for a wide variety of applications. These coating families boast hundreds of different color & performance combinations.

Praxair Technologies

SermaGard® Coatings

SermaGard® has evolved to include both organic polymer & inorganic ceramic top coats to accommodate a wide range of performance needs, and has different formulations specialized for spray and dip-spin applications. Some of these formulations can withstand temperatures up to 1100°F.

SermaLube® Lubricants

This product line consists of specially formulated blends of binders, waxes and stabilizers supplied as both solvent & water based technologies. They are intended for use as post-lubrication sealers with a SermaGard® coating system, stainless steel substrates, plating, and phosphating pre-treatments. 

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