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Atotech manufactures a full range of plating chemicals for zinc and zinc alloy electroplating and zinc flake coating. With more than 500 approvals worldwide, Atotech has reliable, sustainable solutions for any surface or application. Atotech zinc-flake coating products continue to push the standard for this technology. 

Atotech Technologies

Silver Base Coats

Atotech's Zintek® silver base coats comes in a variety of different formulations for different applications, and provides excellent corrosion protection & coverage, as well as strong adhesion for impact resistance.

Black Base Coats

Atotech's Zintek® black base coats redefine expectations for black coatings. Providing a uniform deep black appearance, they claim no silver shine-through or flake off and delayed white corrosion protection.  

Organic Top Coats

Atotech's Techseal® and Techdip® brands are designed for zinc-flake base coats and for applications on top of zinc plating. These top coats provide additional corrosion protection and controlled CoF values, plus enhanced UV-stability. 

Inorganic Top Coats 

The Zintek® family of top coats are applied between 0.5 - 1 micron, and provides additional corrosion protection and controlled CoF values when applied over zinc-flake and zinc-plated base coats. 

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