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The mini coater's small-batch dip spin coating application process is designed for special handling of parts which have difficult geometries or are likely to adhere together

Allegheny Coatings is capable of coating virtually all part geometries, such as washers and small fasteners despite size, complex recesses, or other challenges. The mini coater provides an improved bulk finish due to small-batch processing. Furthermore, the minicoater process eliminates common problems such as head fill, coating voids, thread fill, threat damage, parts sticking together, and lost parts which are more common in high-volume bulk processing of fasteners and hardware. 

Typical part types which are best processed

via minicoater include: 

  • Small recesses or socket cap screws

  • Flat washers

  • Fine threaded fasteners

  • Extension or compression springs

  • Small thin wire forms

Minicoater processing is available in both Fremont, IN and Ridgway, PA locations

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