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Best for bulk fasteners and hardware, dip spin processing applies coatings into recessed geometries

Allegheny Coatings' dip spin lines have automated delivery using robotics and fully integrated controls. The parts are loaded into weight-optimized baskets, submerged into a coating bath, then spun to use centrifugal force to eliminate pooling of the coating on the surface of the parts. A twist cycle to re-orient the parts within the basket is used to ensure full coverage of the part surface. 

Dip spin processing is best for the

following type of parts: 

  • Small to medium sized parts, often less than 0.5lbs each and in bulk quantities

  • Smooth, flat surfaced parts

  • Deep recesses

  • Complex angles

  • Nuts, bolts, washers, springs, nails, clips, pins, and brackets

Dip spin processing is available in both Fremont, IN and Ridgway, PA locations

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