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PPG offers a wide variety of spray & dip-spin applied corrosion resistant & specialty coatings. Allegheny Coatings has access to PPG's complete line of coating products, which has grown recently with PPG's acquisition of Whitford (Xylan, Xylar PTFE coatings). 

PPG manufactures high-temperature resistant coatings, zinc flake, e-coat primers, and a variety of other specialized products for a variety of applications.

PPG Technologies

Xylan 1424 Blue

Waterborne, resin bonded high temperature resistant dry film, formulated to deliver a wide range of performance characteristics when used in multiple industrial applications. Available in multiple colors.

Xylan 5230 Black

Solvent-borne, resin bonded anti-friction and corrosion resistant dry film, formulated to deliver dry lubrication and protection on automotive fasteners. Available in black & silver.

Other Xylan variations available

Whitford Corporation operates in every major market, and is one of the largest manufacturers of fluoropolymer and ceramic coatings worldwide. Most recognized in industrial applications for its Xylan coating brand, Whitford's low-friction, wear-resistant coatings operate under heavy loads, at high temperatures and in chemical & corrosive environments. Learn More >>

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